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6 Emerging Home Trends to Watch

6 Emerging Home Trends to Watch

With more time spent on activities in the home, flexible design is becoming increasingly important to homeowners. Also, homeowners are looking for ways to bring more outdoor elements inside. These are among the latest home trends, according to Houzz, a

Mortgage Rates in Holding Pattern

Mortgage Rates in Holding Pattern

For the ninth consecutive week, mortgage rates stayed below 2.9%. But even with historically low mortgage rates, home buying may be following a more typical seasonal pattern of cooling off, Nadia Evangelou, senior economist and director of forecasting for the

Wiring Money

About to close on the sale of your home? Be aware that cybercriminals are lurking. ‘Check? No, you emailed me the wire instructions’ By JOANNE CLEAVER An experienced real estate investor, Amir Anjarwala was on automatic pilot for another routine closing

Why are barns red? Don’t know? Meet Mr. John Rouse. John knows why barns are red and many more fascinating facts about farms and barns.

Meet John Rouse

Why are barns red? Don’t know? Meet Mr. John Rouse. John knows why barns are red and many more fascinating facts about farms and barns. Laura stumbled upon John by chance while selling a home neighbor of Mr. Rouse. She

Buyer advice in strange times

Buyer advice in Strange Time

We live in strange times. Stephanie J. Brown wrote, “Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.” So whose time in real estate is it? Certainly, it’s

outdoor kitchen

How to Create Your Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Create a beautiful outdoor cooking space for relaxing and entertaining all summer long. As summer approaches and temperatures start to rise, no one wants to spend time inside sweating over a hot stove. With an outdoor kitchen, you can make

The benefits and draw backs of an open house

The Benefits and Draw Backs of an Open House

Our grandparents and their real estate agents used open houses to get the word out that their home was for sale. It was an invitation to the public to visit the house and “try it on”. The open house was

Contract with keys on paper

Improving the Odds of Receiving an Offer

In the Summer of 2021 it is almost impossible NOT to get an offer on your home. The inventory of existing homes for sale is low and new homes construction is in the incubation stage. That being said, the majority

Outdoor Structures That Bring the Indoors Out

  Summer has arrived. Take to the backyard and celebrate in these stunning outdoor structures. From pergolas to outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. It can completely transform the look of a deck or patio and turn a seldom-used space into a