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Dan & Elizabeth from Spring Grove

Top 25 Reasons we love Larry and Laura Swinden!
1.  Picking us up at our apartment countless times.
2.  Great vehicles to ride around in.
3.  Saved us from ferocous dogs!
4.  Coffee stops while house hunting.
5.  Praying for us for at least 11 months.
6.  Providing veggies at home inspections.
7.  Faithful example of a church elder.
8.  Larry’s world.
9.  Constance.
10. So many emails!
11. Countless phone calls!
12. Faithful example of a great married couple.
13. Teacher background.
14. Amazingly patient with us.
15. Amazingly gracious, even after homes 65, 66, 67, etc, etc.
16. Being flexible to meet/see us whenever/wherever.
17. How cool that your phone number matches your house number.
18. Always having water for us in the car rides.
19. Both coming to our final walk trough.
20. International text messages!
21. Countless contracts signed, sent, faxed, etc.
22. Hooking us up with a great banker, attorney, and inspector.
23. Very nice & sweet to random British ladies that tag along.
24. Nice to let our parents come along.
25. Helpful psychologically with teaching us good tests (i.e. spook your spouse) to learn other’s true personalities.
Thank you Swindens! Thanks for helping us find a wonderful home!

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